Driving to work and listening to some Stwo, Sweater Beats, Falcons, and Kaytranada. Today will be a good day even if this traffic makes me late. 🚗 (at 101 North )

those eyes.
what is it about you?

when i look into
your eyes
i see the
deep blue sea,
the bright sky,
but you are none of those.

you are just a cloud.
one of the millions.

not just any cloud,
but a shit cloud
hovering around
shitting on everyone.

it’s a fucking storm
and I’m just trying to
leave town
never come back.

Beach with some of the best bbz @emily_krackalack @donutholez @lilczile 😎🌊 (at Redondo Beach)
happy 420 bbz 💖 today was a rad day #blazeitandraiseit
My mum is so creative and knows me too well. This is my Easter Egg Hunt bag. 💞 I love you @sabala1963 Happy Easter everyone. 🐰
who’s 21+ and down to go to a @purityring and @kaytranada show on May 16th with me?!
National Siblings Day from my twin sister and I 😂 @czile #repost Awh she still calls me bubby. 😊
i wrote this at #lowendtheory tonight. i was so damn inspired. 💖

maybe one day.
maybe two days.
maybe forever.
maybe never.

i wish i was vibing
to your
symphonic moans.

the vibrations are
what pull me closer
and closer.
your fingers would
graze through
my shitty hair.

i don’t want to wake up.
the bass from your echo
is waking me up.
oh wait, no…
that’s just daddy kev
playing i’m god.

i can’t keep my eyes off you.
your touch.

maybe one day.

@thelovelydot covering james blake. so baben. you did ya thing gurl. much positive vibes. props bb 💞👏
inspiring music equals inspiring writtens 🙏  #mywritings
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