Do you ever see my artwork and you’re like “I want that shit!”? If so, please make the time to check out the pieces I’m selling and follow my art page @sugoiest Also let your friends, family, dogs, cats, pet turtles, and shittt let your enemies know too. Thanks! 🙏
So High, Yet So Low
"You never catch me lacking, never happen, never will. You put that pussy on a pedestal and pet it still. You got the game wrong, you need to brainstorm."
Thought I was stuck in Indio forever but @captin_joe saved us. TYBG. Back in LA and ready to turn up hard for MDBP and all them latina mamis lol

thisisbully asked: So everything aside, what does an artistic, talented, interesting, good looking guy like yourself doing being single?

✨Just barely got home. It’s been one hell of a day and one hell of a memory. Me some rad people today and got lost in LA. But thank you @kevbot3000_ for hooking us up with tickets.✨ (at Made in America Tour)
my squad is better than yours
#BuffBoyz2k14 (at Beach At Belmont Shores)

Flatbush Zombies
Paris 2014