✨Dojacat this past Thursday night. @soulection definitely put on one hell of a night.✨ (at Echoplex (venue))

Anonymous asked: i am simply an idiot

What a goodnight with @reesex420 @kevbot3000_ @captin_joe @lukapinata #teamsupreme #echoplex #snorlax #goodnightcody  (at Echoplex (venue))

Anonymous asked: I'm drunk and you were right and I'm sorry

What? Who is this?

swimming with the framily yesterday 🏊

Anonymous asked: are you a jerk?

no i’m not.

🎆THE SQUAD UP WAS REAL THIS 4TH OF JULY WITH @HAMONEVERYTHING🎆 #hamoneverything #fbgs #simpsquad (at South Central LA, Los Angeles, California)
glock’d up at the function #hamoneverything 🔫